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Make sure that you know specifically what coverage you

are giving up before enrolling in a low cost health insurance

plan. As long as a plan is fully insured and the agent is also

licensed and insured, then it is OK to save money by choosing a

plan that eliminates coverage that you do not need. For example,

if you don’t need maternity coverage or pre-existing condition

coverage, then it is safe to buy a plan that costs only half as

much as a health plan that does include this coverage. Novak emphasizes that these buying guidelines apply to residents

of all states, not just Connecticut. Most

importantly, though he also receives low cost health insurance

for himself, his wife, and child, something he does not have at

his full-time job. Another friend works part-time at her

favorite restaurant (a chain restaurant) and as per company

policy receives a free meal prior to beginning her shift. These

are just a few of the many fringe benefits available to

part-time moonlighters. The Key to Making the Most of Part-Time Work Benefits

To make the most of a part-time job opportunity it is essential

to ask yourself two questions. Personal health insurance, Cheap Health Insurance and low cost health insurance rates. Health Insurance Quotes

Catastrophic Health Insurance Is my husbands health insurance going to cover my pregnancy? I am currently 5 months pregnant and was let go from my job in June and I was supposed to get on insurance there but was let go. I have been paying out of pocket so far. My husband has been at his job for 2 and a half years and he will be able to enroll for insurance October 1st. Will they cover the rest of my pregnancy? Where I worked last year said that it was Indiana state law that insurance can not count pregnancy as pre-existing condition. Is this true will they cover me? I am freaking out right now. I believe his insurance is Blue cross and Blue Shield......

Look at other options just in case. Medicaid.

Its not glamorous but you have a baby to think about so its worth having everything covered. Cant tell you if they will cover you. That is something he should ask so you are prepared.

Medicaid will also cover your child till he/she is 18.

I am 7 months pregnant and I signed up for it. They cover pretty much everything but that is because I have no job {just moved and of course no one will hire me, sucks but I dont blame them} and the father is not in our lives so you may have some payments at doctor appointments simply because there is an income.

Good luck and congratulations!!! If the insurance doesnt cover it, give me a call or send me an email. There is a health/medical plan that accepts all on-going conditions. It wont cover 100%, but will save you SIGNIFICANT money and is better than nothing. Its also VERY affordable and there are no waiting periods or limits on visits or services. Congrats!

email and IM:

...Why is buying individual health insurance for my spouse SO MUCH cheaper... My husband is on probahtion period with his new job and I tried to enroll him under my health plan (Blue Cross) under my company... and it costs 490 A MONTH!!

We checked out Blue Cross individual plan and it costs him 62 bucks a month with the same deductable!

Why it is so much less to buy individually? WHY are people still enrolling their kids and spouse under their company if it cost so much? I heard 490 a month is pretty standard!?

I am new to the working world, SO HELP ME UNDERSTAND THIS

I understand your problem. My husband was put in the hospital last year and had emergency surgery and I had past hips surgeys and they wont even give us insurance. I started researching some stuff and found a great site that offers health benefits. Its not insurance but you can save up to 80% on dental and medical benefits and you get free prescription, Free chiropractic and free vision. Best of all it no more than .00 dollars a month for the entire household.

Good luck and I am sorry we all have to deal with the goverment doing this to our families. you have a bad group-what i mean by that is there have been a lot of claims by you group. i am paying 0 per month for spouse and son!! i applied for a policy from the same company-anthem-out of the group-would save over 0 a month . fill out all the forms and 3 weeks later was denied coverage. the reason was i could not change policies unless my family had no coverage for 62 consectitive days. can you believe this crap is legal!! i did find an insurance co called mega life that was cheaper - check it out

. Health Care insurance industry and the government? Do executives or CEOs at health insurance companies like Blue Cross or United Health for example, care whether or not republicans versus democrats are in power?.

Well they care as we ALL should care. Why because socialized health care is mediocre health care. The Health care industry represents about 10% of the entire Gross domestic output of the United States economy To put that segment under the control of of the same people that cant keep the roads paved and free of pot holes is a recipe for disaster. Case in point about 3 Summers ago France a country with cradle to grave Socialized Medicine, had a heatwave that lasted about a week. That event resulted in the deaths of 16,000 elderly French due to heat stress A relatively easily treated condition. On a per capita basis that would be the same as 60,000 U.S. elderly perishing because of heat mind you the vast majority of these elderly French were under supervised care. Another consideration is the impact that our market driven health care industry gives to medical advancement. Most innovations in health care technologies come from the evil capitalist health care industry. A collectivization of our health care will drastically cut down on new cures and treatments... I have heard that the Republicans are more big business oriented so that would mean that the big business of insurance would prefer them.

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