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Healthy Confident and Sexy mind and body mission"An 8 weeks program that will bring out the best of you from the inside so that you radiate with health, confidence and sexiness on the outside."Have you tried everything already to lose weight?Have you previously tried other "expert diets"Have you always struggled with your weight?Do you struggle to get motivated?Do you struggle with cravings and emotional eating?Do you make excuses?

Healthy Confident and Sexy Mind and body MissionGet the knowledge, skills and mindset you need to finally get the body you want and the health and well being you deserve!This is the most comprehensive and state of the art personal development program available in Australia developed from 5 years of me working on my own health, fitness and nutrition, body sculpting and assisting many clients reach their target weight and health goals. Imagine becoming your own weight loss expert in 8 weeks!

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What you will get through this program This 8 weeks program is designed to give you the knowledge, skills and mindset to achieve success. This is not like any other weight loss program, this incorporates every aspect of weight loss and well being. This is about transforming you into the best version of yourself from the inside out. The first part of the program is designed to allow you to uncover the invisible barriers that have been holding you back from reaching your goals and give you the tools to deal with these barriers. Unless these barriers are taken care of you will simply continue to experience the same challenges and difficulties of the past. Once you have the tools and dealt with those barriers, I give you the tools to become your own weight loss expert in the second part of this program. Here how this programs will work: Week 1- Awareness week In week 1 you will become aware of your self-sabotage and the triggers. Self-sabotage and unconscious barriers will be covered in the week 1 webinar and you will then have your first coaching session with me to identify the source of these saboteurs. Usually these would be fears, pain or trauma. Week 2- Liberation week In week 2, you get your second coaching session where we work on releasing you of those negative emotions giving you a clean slate on your journey. Once you free yourself from these emotions, you will stop self-sabotaging yourself. No webinar is schedule on week 2 Week 3- Finding your identity Week 3 is all about finding your identity and determining the kind of person you want to be. We will take a closer look at mindset and beliefs during our live webinar and you also get 3 coaching sessions in that week (About 20 minutes each) designed to get rid on any limiting beliefs you have and replacing them with empowering beliefs Week 4 – Discover your inner strength In week 4 we will work on discovering your inner strength. We will discuss your values in our webinar. Your values are the underling motivators in your life and therefore they are the source of your inner strength. No coaching session in week 4 Week 5- Create your new vision Week 5 is about creating your new vision and setting goals. This will be covered during the webinar. Week 6- Unleash the unstoppable you Week 6 is about unleashing the unstoppable person inside you. During the webinar we discuss commitment and how to make a public commitment statement. Week 7- Your integration Week 7 is about creating inner peace. You get 2 coaching sessions (20 minutes each) where we perform a simple exercise that will eliminate internal conflict. Week 8- Unleash your true potential and become your own weight loss expert Week 8 is all about giving you practical tools so that you are fully capable of continuing your journey independently. Become independent, become your own expert. You won’t have to rely on expert diets or eating plans anymore as you will learn to know what works for you and what doesn’t. 2 webinars are scheduled in week 8 where various topics on nutrition and exercise are covered.

Massive valueAs part of this program you also get the following:

1 Your own tailored nutrition plan + tailored transition

I will tailor a nutritional plan that will work for YOU and

will give YOU the results YOU WANT. Every individual is unique and therefore

will respond to nutrition in a unique way. Furthermore everyone have a

different goal. Someone who wants to lose weight rapidly needs a different

nutrition plan than someone who wants to eat healthier. While conventional diets will work for a

percentage of the population, unfortunately they do not work for everyone

because everyone is different and have different goals. I will tailor a

specific nutritional plan for you based on your body type, current level of

physical activity and lifestyle and goals. I will also closely monitor your

results and make necessary adjustments to ensure you get results fast. I WILL ALSO TEACH YOU HOW TO DO IT YOURSELF- YOU BECOME YOUR OWN EXPERT!

To help you gradually ease into your new eating habits for

long term results. I will give you a transition eating plan that consist of

making small and gradual changes to your current eating habits. This has been

proven to be extremely efficient. In fact you do not need massive and abrupt

changes to your nutrition to see results. Very small changes that you stick to

will give you results. Making small changes at a time ensures that these

changes becomes new eating habits essential for long term weight loss and

management. I will also teach you how to monitor your results and make

adjustments to your diet so that you are able to keep doing this after the

2 Your own exercise plan- Value $500 AUD

I will tailor an exercise plan that will work for you and

give you the results you want based on your body type, current lifestyle and

This is $1300 Value for the price of $297!

Ultimately this is more than fitting into your favorite

dress and having a flat tummy. This is about your health, well being, happiness and feeling comfortable in your own skin. Can you put a price on

Give yourself the ultimate gift of health, well being, happiness and feeling Healthy Confident and Sexy in your own skin.

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Get the knowledge, skills and mindset to lose weight

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