A Long Time Love- Now Dream Come True Healthier Heather

A Long Time Love- Now Dream Come True  Healthier Heather

A Long Time Love- Now Dream Come True

October 1, 2013Florida Bound#STARTexp, Beliefs, buffalo, Dreams, Family, Florida, Jon Acuff, Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg, TampaHeather

I believe the year was 1992 when I fell in love with her. I saw the ocean for the first time and that was it for me.

We had made the LOOONNNGGG trek to Myrtle Beach in my parents Ford Tempo with them, my brother, me and my best friend Kellie. I remember the first time I saw a palmetto and then we turned the corner and there she was. What a sight to behold. I remember that night Kellie and I went for my first walk on the beach at the ocean where the time of the tide mattered, the waves roared louder and I can remember being watchful for jellyfish because I had read somewhere that you could step on them.

The salt air. The waves. The sand. The sun. The moon. The sound. I was forever in love.

Some people love the beach, like the beach, hate the beach or are indifferent.  I love the beach- specifically the ocean though. I feel at home. Complete, whole, happy and entranced.

Vacation after vacation I, and eventually my husband, was drawn there. St. Maarten, Cabo San Lucas, Surfside Beach, Santa Monica, St. Petes Beach, San Diego, Manhatten Beach, Amelia Island, Punta Cana- trip after trip I have found myself there and my love didnt diminish- it just grew stronger.

I have called Buffalo home for 34 years with a life-changing 2 year hiatus in DC. Buffalo is home. It has family, friends, a network, a community, a long life. But both Joe and I felt a yearning- and we have a love. We have a dream. A real-life dream. And the funny thing about dreams is that regardless of what you try and do with them- stuff them away or ignore them they keep creeping up. And frankly, life is too short to ignore your dreams. Not because of what people tell you, or expectations on you- but realistically if you have a dream that would be a great choice for you or your family then take the leap. Damn it, life is too short. Its your life. Have the courage to LIVE it- whatever that means to YOU.

Then I was served a wake up call on a platter and a thought about What would you do if you knew you could not fail? Couple that with reading Lean In, and both Joe and I taking part in Jon Acuffs #StartExperiment and this yearning that wouldnt go away for both Joe and for me. Florida. Is it possible? Well, Logan is 6. Its now or when hes 18. So lets see what sticks.

Fast forward through my husbands intrepid journey of 7 interviews and an INCREDIBLE offer and opportunity- and we are taking the leap. For those of you who think I (and Joe actually) share too much on social media this went on over 5 days and no one was the wiser- all the while my love affair was growing deeper with a city I will soon call home.

I have 2 short months left of living in my home town until our house is packed up and we fly south to our new home in the Tampa, Florida area. I dont have a job yet. That will come, but my boys are the priority first.

Yet, this story isnt all sunsets and palm trees. There is heartache here. Struggles and pain that others are feeling because this isnt their dream. I get it. We may look crazy and looney on the outside- but on the inside of this family it feels oh so right. (Someday I will tell you all the lizard in the hotel bathroom story as a test.)

This is by far the hardest thing I have ever done purely based on other peoples reactions. Seriously, I was married in Vegas. I thought that was tough.

But at the end of the day we ALL have to look within ourselves and truly be able to answer the questions What do I REALLY want? What is my dream? What is the LIFE that I WANT TO LIVE?. And if you cant answer that question or you have stopped dreaming- I suggest you work on it.

I know the answer and for right now- Im taking the leap.

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